Sunday, September 15, 2013

Paper Love.

Truly, who dosen't absolutely love getting a handwritten note in the mail? We think that you should always send a sweet sentiment or a snarky laugh to those you love and care about. Of course, you should always remember certain occassions; birthdays, etc. But, what is better then a just because you were on my mind card.. Not much!

We just adore our friends from Farewell Paperie. They are Letterpress rockstars; not to mention, super clever ladies who always give us a good chuckle or a sweet feeling when we put out a new box full of cards. I mean, 'Awesome Sauce,' 'You Made  A Baby,' 'Miss You Mucho' are simply Paper Love.
We have been carrying their line for years and always enjoy it!

We have some really awesome ones for you to stock up on and have on hand to send to all those who should get a card from you!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Comfy, Cool & Crisp.

We just got a bunch of beautiful pieces of clothing in our Little Black Dress Room! They are comfy, cool and crisp all at the same time. The fabrics are super soft. The styles are fantastic. And the shade of black and white are crisp.
We have such great clothing at such a fantastic value for your wardrobe and your wallet.

The tunics pictured are just a couple of our faves!
You really must come by to grab a few new things! You do not want to miss out on what we have right now.
Comfy tunic dress that works so great with jeans or leggings.

Beautiful tunic tank with amazing detail! This piece you can really dress up too.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Holiday Table Celebration.

First Step: IceMilk Heirloomed Collection wonderful neutral table runner

Second Step: Icemilk Heirloomed Collection Napkins
Pick the silverwear you are using 

Third Step: Juliska Berry & Thread patterned tabletop
We are using the white dinner plate, app plate, serving pieces but using the
blue and browns for the accessory pieces; ramekins and salad plate.

Fourth Step: Fabulous vintagey glasses for juice, cocktails or soda

Fifth Step: Serving Bowls in white milkglass 

Sixth Step: Water Glasses are a must so we are using our french glassware 

Seventh Step: Flowers for the center of the table are a must have!
We are using the limited edition blue Ball Mason Jars to fill with flowers.
ou can purchase these right down the street from us at Intown Ace Hardware.
Since Labor Day is the turing point for Summertime, you should definitely have your table celebrating with you! While you are enjoying the long holiday weekend, you should make sure you have a fabulous tablescape.
We wanted to show you what we are up to and how our tables are being set for a wonderful meal with family and friends. So, we pulled the must have pieces to get your table perfect for a celebration.
We put the seven steps to help you and are happy to always help you when you come by too! We always carry lots and lots of wonderful table linens, tabletop, glassware, centerpieces and more to help make your table look super!

Happy Holiday Table Celebration!